Singapore’s Best Supply of Custom Built Wine Storage Solutions

With over 20 years of experience in design and installation. Celsius has quickly become the first choice for clients and individuals looking for a premium and quality storage system for their wine collection. From hospitality spaces requiring large storage solutions, to individuals interested in a personal space for their collection, our custom service will provide you with the service that suits your needs. Take a look at what exactly we can do today!

Fridges and cellars made to impress

Whether you’re looking for a stylish, contemporary design made to stand out or a vintage, classic look that complements your vintage wines, our team considers your aesthetics as well as taking into consideration size, space and practicality. As wine-lovers ourselves, we understand the importance of keeping wine in the right environment, so you can be rest assured that we’ll design you a fridge or cellar that keeps your collection in peak condition!

So, if you’ve got a quality collection you need protecting, or are after a beautiful cellar for your business, contact the expert team at Celsius Equipment Pte Ltd. We’re always up for a new and exciting challenge, so let us know what you’re looking for!

  • Wine Storage Systems
    Wine Storage Systems
    Celsius Equipment Pte Ltd is the market leader in design, creation and installation of custom wine storage systems in this region. We have almost 20 years of experience in build-to-order custom wine cellars, wine fridges and wine racks. Read more
  • Custom Wine Fridges
    Custom Wine Fridges
    Wine Cellar Cooling Systems Standard refrigeration equipment creates an environment that is too dry, thus causing wine corks to shrink, resulting in leakage and ruined wine. Read more
  • Custom Built Wine Cellars
    Custom Built Wine Cellars
    We design, build and install custom wine storage systems for commercial businesses such as hotels, restaurants, bars, country clubs, resorts, liquor stores as well as for residential home owners. Read more